“My entire career I have held the vision of Nashville rising to be a true international city of success. I want to see our city comprised of thriving communities that value their diverse citizenship.”
Jerry L. Maynard II
Founder of The Maynard Group

About The
Maynard Group

The Maynard Group is a consulting firm that provides strategies for business & institutional development, advocacy & carrying out legislative priorities, regulatory compliance, and furthering the financial, business, and political interests of our clients. With a reputation for getting things done, we help our clients achieve their goals and maximize their potential.

Our Clients

We are proud to have worked with a diverse range of clients, from small businesses to large institutions, helping them achieve their goals and maximize their potential.

Our Services

TMG builds bridges between our clients and governmental entities in Tennessee and helps guide them through the ever changing governmental and political makeup

Government Relations

Our government relations services encompass a full range of government affairs services that include direct lobbying, legislative development, strategic messaging, appropriations, regulatory affairs and legal services.

Political Strategy

We are continuously available to collaborate on strategy, provide advice on the best ways to message a campaign and maximize its impact, interpret and incorporate polling and testing data, and compile information.

Economic & Community Development

Our economic development services help communities position themselves for continued development, revitalization and new investment. Our services include an ongoing community engagement process and analysis of economic issues.

PR & Strategic Communications

We are a full-service communication firm, offering public relations, crisis management, media training, and more. Our experts help build, protect, and share our clients' stories by engaging with their audience in a meaningful way